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PHPBB Upgraded
To avoid being hacked by the Russians due to an old installation of PHPBB, I have upgraded our forum. I am still working on restoring the logo and restoring the links from the "home page" (teampenthouse.com) on the top right to actually show the latest topics. That said, the forum should be 95% working now. If you are getting the default blue and silver theme and want something red, I have installed a style called "Revolution" that seems pretty good. You should be able to choose it in the user control panel. Our old style does not work with the new PHPBB.

Attempting PHPBB upgrade
I am upgrading our PHPBB right now. Might cause problems momentarily. If we do not see each other again, fall back to the Facebook group!

PHP5 Update
So, I just updated this hosting account to PHP5. I'm not sure what the repercussions will be. BTW, this is after the "site down?" thing that Mike and I were seeing tonight. But let me know if you see any weird script errors or anything.

And back again
Thanks to Rob for pointing out there was another problem. It was also related to the MySQL upgrade. It should be fixed now. For the curious, it was this: https://www.phpbb.com/kb/article/doesnt-have-a-default-value-errors/

...and we're back
Didn't notice we were gone? You're welcome. The database is migrated to the new MySQL5 instance, and everything should continue to run smoothly. Let me know if you see any weirdness.

Possible downtime
Our web host is deactivating MySQL 4 and moving to MySQL 5 in the next week or so. I have to migrate the data over, and there may be an outage either while I'm migrating it, or if I don't get it migrated before MySQL 4 gets shut off. Just a heads-up.

Forums up (and have been)
In case leaving that last post at the top was confusing, the forums were up about an hour after they went down. So now they're up.

Short forums downtime
I'm upgrading to the newest PHPBB (just bug fixes and security patches), so it may be down for a few minutes. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. The Eagles of Death Metal are neither eagles nor a death metal band. Discuss.

The site's back! We had a little "malware" problem. Hopefully you weren't too negatively affected. Celebrate our return by watching Brett Favre get hit in the nuts.

Forums out?
Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. Hopefully some kind of database blip. I'll look into it if it keeps up very long.

The aforementioned transition to PHPBB3 is now (sort of) complete. There are still a few things I need to fix:

1. Avatars seem to be getting scrunched to 80px even though I changed the limit to 200px.

2. RSS might not work right now.

3. Need to replace the generic logo at the top with a TPH logo.

4. The nav bar of recent posts on the right side of this page probably won't update correctly.

Sorry if this causes anybody headaches. I should have most of these fixed in the next couple of days.

It's that time of year again...
...where I post about how nothing has changed in the past year.

Happy More-Than-Fourth Birthday, TPH.com
Can you believe I went more than a year without updating this front page at all? Jeez, I should be more creative.

Happy Third Birthday, teampenthouse.com!
Can you believe Thursday is the third anniversary of the beginning of this site? (Check the oldest post at the bottom of this page.) No ice cream cones to celebrate this time. I have made some updates, which is more than I can say about the past year or so.

1.) Updated the left-side links to point to you guys' new web addresses.

2.) Upgraded to the latest phpBB, so that hopefully our site won't get h4x0R'd as much. (Actually, this has happened, believe it or not.)

3.) Some small changes to the code that allows updates to this page.

4.) Removed the link to ebaumsworld. Duh.

So all in all, you won't notice much. I do have plans to do more work soon, though. Maybe a new look, maybe an RSS feed, maybe some new TPH Museum items. We'll see. Let me know your requests in the TPH.com Feature Request thread.

New Usernames
Dan and Kyle's usernames have changed to Dan and Kyle, respectively. If you'd like yours changed, or if you're having trouble logging in, let me know.

Happy Decemberween!
I hope you all get some nice tube socks.

Dead Week Gaming Ladder is up. The link's on the left side of this page.

Rochester Pictures
For those who were worried that my new living space isn't up to snuff, rest assured. Here are some photos, if you're interested. Click here to find my new Block Party placement.

I moved the Duluth pics to pages 2 and 3.

Duluth Pictures!!!....wait, what?
Oh, yeah. I went to Duluth on Memorial Day weekend. If any of you wonder what that's like, but don't want to make the 11-hour trek from West Lafayette, check out my photos. Here they are.

PL Update!
Click Here to see why the end of Spring Semester '06 kicked ass.

The Dead Week Gaming Ladder is here once again. And you're all going down.

Hurray, I've finished
Have an hour to spare? Cause there's a HUGE PARTY LOG UPDATE

PL mini-update
here is thursday night

Riskin's latest photos are up
New Pics here

Party Log Update
If the link doesn't work, log in, come back to the front page and click it again.

Whammy Blammy Wowee Zowee

Yes, I finally got off my lazy ass and updated the party log. It will take you hours to load, and it starts right here.

Happy Christmachaunakwannzakah!
Celebrate your connectedness to African Cultural Identity!

A Winner Is...
Evan wins. I was working on some ASCII art for to announce it, but it was more work than it was worth.

You've waited all semester for it...
Dead Week Gaming Ladder

According to my arbitrary and binding decision, this will commence at exactly 11:00 PM EST tonight, December 4, 2005, and continue until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, December 10, 2005.

Daylight Savings thing fixed
I fixed the times on the recent forum posts. They correspond to Indiana time now. Hopefully I won't have to fix it again in April...

Here you go
Weekend Pictures Posted


Time zones and such
Looks like the list of posts over there -->
is showing central time....I've got to adjust something, but for now, add one hour to the time listed.

UPDATE: Should be working now
OK, so here's what you have to do. If you haven't logged in to the forum, just use the link that says "go to the forum." Then log in and you should be able to have all kinds of forum fun. After you log in, you can use the direct links on the front page.

NOTICE: Forum restrictions, etc.
Many people (including me) have expressed concerns at different times about the forums being publicly accessible. I'm working on setting it up so you have to log in to view. For now, it's kind of buggy. Try to start by following this link for now. The other links on the page will be updated soon.

A Very Penthouse Halloween
Due to the extreme loading time for each page of the Party Log, I'm going to start posting links here to the individual posts.

Here are the images from this weekend:

See you next week

teampenthouse.com One-Year Anniversary
Tonight after the movie (you got the memo, right?) or maybe during or something we'll celebrate one year of teampenthouse.com by having ice cream cones. So now all the more reason to come by.

NEW Whiteboard!!!
Check out the museum for a new whiteboard, this time by Evan. Kind of ironic (or is it?) that I posted this one on a weekend when Shep's actually here.

A Rob Whirledge Original
Check out the new whiteboard...

Wow, I spent way too much time on that...
Check out my online music service comparison here. I spent a lot more time on it than I thought I would. It compares Napster, RealRhapsody, and Yahoo! Music Unlimited. I'm planning on reviewing iTunes and Cdigix when I get around to them. Feel free to read it, pass it around, send it to a publisher (give me credit, though). I think it's kinda awesome.

Check out whiteboard #10 (by Evan) in the Penthouse Museum.

Whiteboard #9
Check it out in the Penthouse Museum. If I remember correctly, this one's by Dan.

New Whiteboard
Ah...art. It's by Evan.

New! and Boring!
I put up a boring-looking site. It has a couple links, to my computer-upgrade-article thingy and my old page. It'll have more stuff eventually.

Better Late Than Never
New whiteboard in the Penthouse Museum. It's 3-D!!!!!!!!! and it's by Evan.

Semiannual Dead Week Gaming Ladder
You guys know the drill.
Dead Week Gaming Ladder

Almost forgot...
In keeping with my long-standing tradition of updating on Tuesdays, there is a new whiteboard in the gallery. It's by our very own Dan Scelsi. Enjoy.

Doing Our Part
Here at teampenthouse.com, we care about bandwidth conservation. That's why I've just added a new feature. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll notice that only the ten most recent posts are shown, saving you a healthy 2K or so each time you come to this page. (Actually, it just seemed like the thing to do... ebaums and somethingawful do it.) If you want to read my old ramblings, you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

That last whiteboard (#5) is by Evan. My mistake.

The Long-Awaited...
A new whiteboard. Judging by the capital letters, I'd say it's by Rob. Check it out.

You probably thought I forgot....
Wow, it's almost getting to be a regular Monday occurrence. Check out the new whiteboard.

New Whiteboard
Yeah, I got kinda behind on updating those. This awesome one (click #3) is by Rob.

Website Update
The WHIRL'd Wide Web has a new look. Check it out at http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~rwhirled.


More Minnesota Pictures
Can you believe it? As usual,


Click page 3 for the new ones.

Another Whiteboard
So it's Monday on Eastern Time. I guess this board must be on Central... Maybe I'll fix that.

Whiteboard by our amazing artist, Evan Byl. Check it out on the Penthouse Museum.

Updated Minnesota Pictures
There's now a second page. Nothing really magical, but eh, maybe you're bored again. The page has moved here.

8th-Floor Dropoff
Remember the good 'ole days?

8th-Floor Dropoff

I just put a bunch of pictures of my building-new-computer process online. I'm not sure what they're useful for, but they're at http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~jfath/newmb/page1.html.

Eventually, I'll add some text to them. I'm trying to make it helpful for someone who has the same problems I had installing the heat sink.

Again, you guys probably don't care, but it could be a time killer if you're bored.


Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa from the teampenthouse.com family to yours!

Dead Week Gaming Ladder
Here it is again, the highly anticipated semi-annual Team Penthouse Dead Week Ladder. For those of you who were not here for last semester's glorious battle, the rules are as follows:

- Any non-academic competitive activity applies

- Only events involving two or more Team Penthouse members will count

- Half-Life 2 is the greatest game ever made

It's important to remember that the sole purpose of this friendly competition is to keep you from studying for your finals during dead week.

Another Update. Yes, it's for real.
I just added the date below the topic title on the recent posts list. Isn't that special?

An Update? Seriously?!?
Wow, so I made the site that much more useful. The links over there --->
to the most recent forum posts now go to the most recent page, so that you don't have to click the 7 every time you go to the screenshot gallery.

My next mission will be to show what date the topics were updated on this page.


Updates... Real ones
Ok y'all. We've added the museum that we've been hyping. Definitely check it out. It's over in the box on the left. The links for homestar, etc. have moved to the right.

Also I fixed that timezone issue. I think.


Today's Updates
BT and I are working on today's update, a Penthouse Museum. Look forward to that shortly.


Also, I need to switch the time so it shows Indiana time, not Eastern. I actually started this post on Monday.

Yes... Server Updates
I hope you guys are all enjoying our increased performance. We added a couple o' megachips...

You guys will be blown away with this Monday's updates. So be sure to check them out.


Server Updates
Apologies for the downtime between 1:24 and 1:37 AM this Thursday morning. We took care of several critical database server updates. I'd like to thank my entire crew, especially Max and Carl, for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible.

On a side note, for all you IRC-savvy users, I would like to point out that the TPH chat room linked in the upper right --> is located on EFnet (irc.efnet.net) at #tpchat.

That's all I've got for now, but be sure to watch for some spectacular updates when Monday rolls around.


The log in over there

is different from the log in in the forums. It's the same username/password, but logging in
<---- there doesn't log you into the forum, or vice versa. Kind of like WebCT and SSINFO. Sorry for the confusion.


new sbemail
wait. that's a different web site. here are the updates:

1.) There's chat. Yeah, chat. Over there --->
click on "chat!" But first, log in using the box
<---- over there. Use the same username and password that you used for the forum. Then you can click "chat!" If you haven't set up a username and password yet, do it at the forum over there ---->

2.) Other people's web sites. They're listed
<--- over there. Why isn't your site listed, you say? Because you didn't tell me about it. So give me the url.

a bug
Thanks to Dan for helping me find this bug:

Don't try to post a new topic unless you're already logged in, or it will send you back here. Again, I will fix these problems eventually, but for now, you gotta do it jankified-style.

Also, there will be an update today, so don't worry.


apologies for the jankiness
This site is still way early in development, like version 0.0.1. So there are a few things janky about it. For instance, sometimes when you're in phpbb, it will come back to this page, like when you log in. Just click on the link to the right ---->
and you'll go back to phpbb. This will be fixed eventually.

Also, if you want to keep up on what our plans are for the site, don't just check on Mondays. Check on, like, Wednesday, or maybe Friday.

Welcome to teampenthouse.com!
So you all found your respective ways here. Good deal. This site will be awesome in the two following ways:

1.) It has a forum. You can go to it by using the link on the right. See it over there? --->
Go to it and register so you can be awesome like me and Evan.

2.) It will eventually link to all of your pages as well. And it will do so much more. You will be able to post here, like I just did, and tell us all when you add stuff like duty schedules to your web sites. And there will be links to your sites on the left side by my link and Evan's link.

So look forward to that stuff. As this page says, it will be updated on Mondays. Same as Homestar Runner.

Here's what you all can send me or Evan:

1.) Suggestions and ideas for the site.
2.) A link to your web site.
3.) Phone numbers of hot girls you meet.

So that's all for now. Make sure you set a bookmark.



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