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PHPBB Upgraded
To avoid being hacked by the Russians due to an old installation of PHPBB, I have upgraded our forum. I am still working on restoring the logo and restoring the links from the "home page" (teampenthouse.com) on the top right to actually show the latest topics. That said, the forum should be 95% working now. If you are getting the default blue and silver theme and want something red, I have installed a style called "Revolution" that seems pretty good. You should be able to choose it in the user control panel. Our old style does not work with the new PHPBB.

Attempting PHPBB upgrade
I am upgrading our PHPBB right now. Might cause problems momentarily. If we do not see each other again, fall back to the Facebook group!

PHP5 Update
So, I just updated this hosting account to PHP5. I'm not sure what the repercussions will be. BTW, this is after the "site down?" thing that Mike and I were seeing tonight. But let me know if you see any weird script errors or anything.

And back again
Thanks to Rob for pointing out there was another problem. It was also related to the MySQL upgrade. It should be fixed now. For the curious, it was this: https://www.phpbb.com/kb/article/doesnt-have-a-default-value-errors/

...and we're back
Didn't notice we were gone? You're welcome. The database is migrated to the new MySQL5 instance, and everything should continue to run smoothly. Let me know if you see any weirdness.

Possible downtime
Our web host is deactivating MySQL 4 and moving to MySQL 5 in the next week or so. I have to migrate the data over, and there may be an outage either while I'm migrating it, or if I don't get it migrated before MySQL 4 gets shut off. Just a heads-up.

Forums up (and have been)
In case leaving that last post at the top was confusing, the forums were up about an hour after they went down. So now they're up.

Short forums downtime
I'm upgrading to the newest PHPBB (just bug fixes and security patches), so it may be down for a few minutes. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. The Eagles of Death Metal are neither eagles nor a death metal band. Discuss.

The site's back! We had a little "malware" problem. Hopefully you weren't too negatively affected. Celebrate our return by watching Brett Favre get hit in the nuts.

Forums out?
Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. Hopefully some kind of database blip. I'll look into it if it keeps up very long.

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